Pomor Culture Centre

Belomorye is rich not only in spiritual culture, but also in history, traditions, and heritage objects. Everything here speaks of the land, its landmarks and history. The proximity of Solovki alone makes Belomorsk attractive to spiritual people from all over the world.

The Pomors are the hosts and protectors of this land. Through their traditions, culture, songs, and dialect, they preserve things that could not be preserved by great leaders throughout the centuries. The Pomor Culture Centre was founded in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the Pomors, to renew and promote Pomor traditions.

The department of information and history (its manager is the famous historian and writer Svetlana Koshkina) collects photographs, audio, and video materials about Belomorsk and surrounding regions for the purposes of an Archive.

The Traditional Russian Pomor Choir is an ensemble with a longstanding history and rich song repertoire that carefully preserves Pomor folklore heritage. The choirmaster is Viktor Aleksandrovich Vasilev, holder of the Russian Soul title.

Since March 26, 2012, the non-governmental organisation Pomorsky Bereg functions in the premises of the Centre. The best intellectuals of Belomorsk come together and share their knowledge, skills, and community initiatives aimed at preservation of the culture and history of Belomorye. The Pomor Culture Centre is a hub of all contemporary Pomor ways: internet networks, tourist trails, and human destinies.