The village of Chalna has a variety of inhabitants. Due to the historical situation, two cultures, Russian and Finnish, live here side by side. Among the traditional Russian families of locals, you can meet also Finnish, Ingrian, and Swedish families. Initially, this territory was established as a village for timber cutters. The first villagers, the workers, were romantics who came from the surrounding areas and included an influx of descendants of Finnish immigrants from North America in 30 ’s.

Ethnocultural Centre Tuomi

When you visit Ethnocultural Centre Tuomi, you can acquaint yourself with the Finnish culture of songs and with Russian weaving, make your own Karelian talisman doll, and learn to make the Finnish Christmas star and Karelian pies.

The atmosphere of tolerance towards each other always reigns in Tuomi. The scent of coffee fills the whole place, as is common in Finland. The firewood crackles in the fireplace, and grandma raises her voice in song, which is immediately recorded by her grandsons on their cell phones. Weaver’s looms sit next to modern computers, so you can use Skype to show your wool and spinning wheel to Hungarian or Swedish partners from Ethnocultural festivals. Modernity and tradition weaved together in friendship and respect for roots and for each other, this is the core value of those who keep the hearth fire burning in the cosy home of Tuomi.