The Lyudik Day

The main festival of the Lyudik Karelians is celebrated in the comfort of Lyudikovsky Dom. The festival is named after Lidia Potasheva, the first teacher of the Lyudik dialect in the village of Mikhailovskoe. The Lyudiks from all over Karelia come to the village to share their knowledge, secrets, traditions, and to enjoy Karelian games and songs. A favourite game is ’Days of a Week. ’ The rules are simple: the players split into pairs and kneel down back to back. Seven times they must turn right and left and hug each other. If the players turn in different directions, then the next pair takes their place, but if they turn in the same direction, they kiss.

The Lyudik Day necessarily includes Karelian cuisine. City people might call this degustation, but the villagers call it a feast.