‘Gosjba’ for the Dear Guests

The Pomor village Nyukhcha is beautiful in every season. Enthusiasts of wooden architecture will find various types of buildings built in the style of the Pomor people, the Karelians, the Zaonezhye folk, or purely of Nyukhcha kind with an ‘Italian’ asymmetric extra window. The Nyukhcha River flows through the whole village, dividing it into two picturesque sloping banks dotted with beautiful Pomor boats. The Nyukhcha flows into the White Sea.Its total length reaches 106 km.It teems with river and sea fish including lancet fish, halibuts, and codfish. Flatfish are the local delicacy, served not only on the tables of the locals, but sold far beyond the borders of Karelia. Read more..

Ethnocultural Centre and Pomor Life Museum «Khlamnoy Saray»

The Ethnocultural Centre is located in an old merchant house, and there you can learn more about the unique culture of the Pomors and listen to old Pomor songs sung by a folklore group. While visiting the museum, you will have an opportunity to touch the same tools our ancestors used and will familiarise yourself with the tools of trade used by our great-grandfathers for fishing and catching sea animals.

The history of Nyukhcha reaches back for many centuries, and our ancestors wrote history by exploring the Murmansk coast, Grumant (Shpitzbergen), and Matka (Novaya Zemla) even in the 11 th and 12 th centuries. The Pomors, being excellent sailors, have joined the ranks of the Russian navy and army since the times of Peter the Great. The inhabitants of Nyukhcha participated in many wars. You will have an opportunity to see their faces in the pictorial report «Nyukhcha People, the Warriors. «And finally, you can partake of hot fish pies right out of the Russian oven, have a cup of steaming tea from the copper samovar, and eat the traditional Pomor scones as well as discuss the peculiarities of Pomor life with the experts of the museum and the old inhabitants of the village.