Vedlozero is an old Karelian village, located on the eastern shore of the lake of the same name. The village has a population of about 1000 people. The village territory is the area of activity for the state owned farm Vedlozersky, a school, kindergarten Linduine, a culture house, post office, and a fire brigade.

On the school peninsula, a church named after Elijah, holy prophet of God, is located.It was built with the financial support of church members in 2007. Services in the church are held every Sunday. Twice a month, Divine Liturgy is celebrated along with baptism, last sacrament, and burial services.

Every year the village festivals «Kyulyan Kizhat» and «Day of the Birch Tree» are celebrated in Vedlozero. The oldest generation still speaks Karelian.It is not by accident that an initiative to establish the House of the Karelian Language was born here. Vedlozero is known not only for its festivals, but also for its beautiful nature. Visitors to Karelia are fascinated not only by the main lake, but also by many small forest lakes and islands. The area is popular among fishermen. People are attracted by the wealth of mushrooms and berries in the woods. But enthusiasts of mysticism can always spend their time waiting for the appearance of a UFO above the lake.

Tervehtulgua — Welcome to the House of the Karelian Language!

The multifunctional centre Karjalankielenkodi (House of the Karelian Language) is the only sociocultural centre in the Republic where the language of work is Karelian. The Centre is located on the property of the Karelian regional NGO House of the Karelian Language. This organisation determines the activity of the Centre. The main goals of the Centre are development of the Karelian language and improvement of living standards for the local population.

Currently, the House is in a state of construction, yet festivals, work meetings, and a conversation club take place even in the unfinished building. The total area of the House is 500 sq metres.It is planned that the house will include a kitchen with a Russian oven, gym hall, laundry room for the local people, educational classroom, a room for crafts, and two spacious halls on the first floor for seminars, training, or youth camps. The local inhabitants participate actively in the process of construction. They volunteer and help the builders.

This is an ambitious project connecting many people since the House is fully funded by the community (donations, fundraising cafes, etc. ) without any financial support from the government. The House of the Karelian Language is the living room of a small Karelian village. There you will be able to get to know interesting people, hear the history of the Vedlozero UFO, learn the Karelian language, and taste Karelian pies. Tervehtulgua — Welcome!