Trinity Festival in the village of Tolvuya

Previously the wooden church of Zhivonachalnaya Troica stood in the Tolvuya churchyard, and the local inhabitants gave special honour to the Day of the Holy Trinity. Since olden times, the festival was connected with the Slavic cult of ancestor veneration and the worship of flourishing nature.Its symbol was a young birch tree.It was a custom to decorate the homes and churches with birch branches and to perform magic rites connected with fertility. Inhabitants of Tolvuya remember this tradition and celebrate it annually. Birch wreaths are made on this day, and people walk through the village with birch branches in their hands. Prayer service is held near the church of St. Georgy Pobedonosets. Theatrical performances connected with the cult of nature are held in the birch grove. At this festival you can hear ‘two-sided’ songs and witness magic rites.